Tutu Helper Not Working or Can’t Download or Install : Fix (2018)

Tutu helper is one of the most popular marketplace application among Android and iOS users. It is known for the extraordinary features it offers to the users. Tutu helper doesn’t require a rooted device to work on Android Smartphone. It doesn’t require a jailbroken device to work on the iOS device.

It provides a blazing fast downloading speed for all the apps. You can get any of your favorite paid app or game for free. You can also install Playbox on your PC with the help of Bluestacks Android Emulator. It is one of the only marketplaces which is available for Both the platform iOS and Android.

Many people face some issues in the Tutu helper marketplace. Today, we will provide the fix for all these problems. Let’s talk about the problems and the fix we have for it.

Tutu Helper Not Working Fix

Tutu Helper Not Working: Fix

We will recommend you to download the latest version of Tutu helper. Sometimes older versions create a lot of problems. A quick way to solve the problem is to clear the app data or cache memory. You can also try reinstalling the app. These are the most common methods to fix the issues with the apps. If the problem still persists, follow the steps below to solve it.

  • Open your device and go to settings of your smartphone.
  • Go to “Sim Card & Networks” option and Go to “Reset Network Settings”.
  • After clicking on it, it will ask for your permission to reset.
  • After confirming, your phone will restart.
  • Your Phone will ask for Wifi and Password to connect and setup the network. Connect the network.

It will probably fix your “Tutu helper not working” Problem. The problems arrive because of network issues from your smartphone device. After resetting the Network setting, the app starts working for many people.

Can’t Find Tutu Helper App

Due to various reason, the Tutu helper app isn’t available in the Google Play Store. There are many fake Tutu helper app available in the Play Store. Many times people end up downloading those fake apps. Those fake apps have a lot of ads and they don’t even have a single app in it. We will show you how can you get a real version of the Tutu Helper app. Follow the steps below to fix the issue.

  • Open any web browser on your smartphone. Go to the Search bar and Search “Tutu Helper”.
  • We will recommend downloading the app from its official website.
  • The first website in the results is the official website of Tutu Helper VIP.

Download the Tutu helper app from the website. You can directly download the app from here: “https://www.tutuapp.vip/index.php?r=overseaTutu/ovAnIndex”

  • Turn on “Install apps from Unknown Sources” option from your device settings.
  • After downloading the Tutu helper APK, click on it to start the installation of the app.

Hope we solve all your queries regarding Tutu helper fix.

www.Hotmail.co.nz Login/Sign in Tutorial NZ

www.Hotmail.co.nz Explained Guide: If you have opened Hotmail.co.nz sign in page on your computer you might be thinking that why you are seeing outlook login page.

The reason behind this is that Outlook is the new name of Hotmail.co.nz sign in page. All the features which were available in Hotmail are still available in outlook.

If you are living in the New Zealand and are looking for a reliable mail service which you can use to send and receive unlimited messages then we suggest you go for Hotmail.

hotmail.co.nzToday we are going to tell you how to use www.Hotmail.co.nz sign in a page but before that let’s have a quick look at all the features of this amazing e-mail service.

Features of Hotmail.co.nz

There are a lot of amazing features of Hotmail.co.nz and we have mentioned some of the best features of this mail service below.

  • Hotmail is available for free. You can sign up for free on the website and send and receive as many as free emails using this mail service.
  • As we have mentioned before that Outlook is the new name of Hotmail, you can use your Microsoft account also to login to your Hotmail account.
  • With a single Microsoft account, you will be able to login to all the services of Microsoft including Hotmail.co.nz sign in.


  • All the Hotmail accounts get free space. You can use this space to save all the emails which you receive your email address. If you run short of storage space you can use the OneDrive account which is already connected to your Hotmail.co.nz account.
  • Want to use skype? Use the hotmail.co.uk sign in account details as you can use the same account to log into your Skype account also.

These are the best features of this e-mail service which you can avail once you have created your account. If you have already registered your account on Hotmail.co.nz and are wondering how you can access your emails then you have to check the steps below which will show you how to do Hotmail.co.nz sign in. Just follow the steps which we have mentioned below and you will be able to login to your Hotmail.fr account.

Hotmail.co.nz Sign up and Login Steps



  • You need to open a web browser, Now Using the address bar open the Hotmail Anmelden.
  • Once the sign-in page is opened on your computer you will see two fields. One is the login id field and another one is the password. Enter the login if you selected and the password which you choose earlier.
  • Once you have entered the details, click on the Sign in button.
  • You will log into your Hotmail account and you can view all the emails which you have received and also compose new emails.

This is how you can use the Hotmail.co.nz sign-in page to login to your account.

Best Apps for Android Tablet By 2Go Dev’s

Android is having full of amazing applications present in it. This is one of the fastest growing platforms in the year 2017, which supports many of the devices. Android has its huge and wide range of market, with a proliferation of application that can cater to your every need.

tablets apps by 2gos

Some of the best Android Tablet applications are as follows:

1. DropBox


DropBox is a very much essential application for anyone juggling a work on home PC, laptop, Dropbox helps when you download videos from showbox for a tablet so when you install Dropbox in your tablet it automatically saves showbox videos Tablet phone and internet fridge, its key power lies in letting you access any files anywhere. It can automatically upload photos taken on your phone to your account.

2. Whatsapp


Whatsapp works best but for iOS, it needs a modded application, now you can also install whatsapp modded version using tutu helper application is going very popular day by day it works on both the platforms either Android or iOS. Application having an attractive user interface which enables a major attraction of the user. Due to its instant messaging application that allows users to quickly and easily exchanged text, video, and audio for free.

3. Wi-Fi Shoot

wifi shoot

Wi-Fi shoot is one the best application for sharing data between any android devices user via Wi-Fi direct in just in minutes. with the help of GameGem iOS 11 version, you can also use wifi shoot on your iPhone. The Pro version of this application allows you to transfer multiple files faster as compared to the free version of the application.

4. PicsArt Photo Studio


PicsArt Photo Studio is one the best Android application available in Play Store. Most popular photo editing App in 2015, it breaks many records in popularity, as well as you, finds almost every editing tools in this app starting from Picture Editor, Drawing, Collapse, Effects etc you can also try its alternative app B612.

5. Snapseed


Snapseed is one of the best popular pictures editing application available for iPhone. This app is created by. This will perform basic image enhancement or get more creative with your editing. iGameGuardian can be helpful for you if you are using google’s snapseed.If you want a universal easy to use photo editor, you can’t go wrong with this app.